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Extra Credit feat. Mike Dunn

Floyd Miami | 7/14/2019 3:00:44 AM

Chicago legend and general Phreaky MF, Mike Dunn makes his Miami debut for Extra Credit. He'll be joined by two dear friends who will be in town from New York and LA respectively, Will Buck and DJ Ray.

Extra Credit + LMR feat. DJ Boring

Floyd Miami | 9/28/2019 3:00:00 AM

DJ Boring makes his return to Miami for another edition of Extra Credit! In collaboration with LinkMiamiRebels.

Extra Credit + LMR feat. Daniel Avery & Mall Grab

The Ground | 10/5/2019 3:00:00 AM

British DJ and progressive producer, Daniel Avery, & Australian tech/electronic guru, Mall Grab, play a rare all-night set at The Ground on Oct. 4th. In collaboration with Link Miami Rebels.

Extra Credit + LMR ft. DJ Seinfeld

Floyd Miami | 10/5/2019 3:00:00 AM

Nu-school house music guru invading Miami! True to the spirit of early house pioneers and the unabashed rawness of the music. A name in the house scene you are getting very familiar with, from Sweden making his way back to Miami!

Extra Credit Presents Auntie Flo

Floyd Miami | 10/30/2019 3:00:00 AM

Flo is a central figure in the ‘new strand of club music fusing electronic and world influences alongside the likes of Four Tet, Daphni, Romare, Sinkane and John Wizards’ (Joe Muggs, The Wire, 2013). Originally from Glasgow but now residing in London, he has traveled the world extensively pushing his unique ‘Afro-futurist’ sound either with the Auntie Flo live band or solo as a DJ. Through his label and party series Highlife, Auntie Flo further delves into the musical heritage and influences from the places he draws inspiration from.

Extra Credit Presents: DJ Python

Floyd Miami | 11/17/2019 4:00:00 AM

DJ Python, a name whose serpentine connotations are a good fit for Piñeyro’s slinky, sidewinding grooves. Lush, heady, and shot through with an undercurrent of wistful contemplation, producer Brian Piñeyro’s “deep reggaetón” sound can’t be called lo-fi anymore. The mid-2000's were banner years for the latin sounds. One of the people who picked up on the lurching kick drums and syncopated snares as they dopplered down the block was Brian Piñeyro. As soon as he heard it, Piñeyro told Pitchfork, he realized he wanted to make music that sounded like that, but to “recontextualize” it, make it his own. Eventually he moved to New York, where he became a fixture of the city’s underground electronic community, and as he began developing his voice, crafting nuanced lo-fi house and techno under aliases like DJ Wey, Deejay Xanax, and Luis, reggaetón’s telltale syncopation snuck into his productions alongside house grooves and slow-motion jungle breaks. This full-spectrum array of frequency and texture is held together by a no-frills synth melody that sounds like a filtered dial tone, but is expressive–lyrical, even—in a way that’s unusual for this kind of subterranean club cut. As it bumbles away, one finger on the keyboard, it occasionally rises or falls in pitch before returning to its ostinato foundation. It sounds a bit like a car stereo whipping past—an echo, maybe, of the sensation that captivated a young Piñeyro all those years ago

Extra Credit Presents: DJ Holographic

Floyd Miami | 12/22/2019 4:00:00 AM

DJ Holographic is a one-woman funk machine born and raised on Detroit Music. Her mission is to serve a mix of musical cuisine that contains consuming house beats, passionate R&B, and unreserved nu-disco. Join her as she concocts her next rhythmic dish. Her DJ sets have always come to life when the crowd hangs up their responsibilities for the day and feels the truth within themselves!

Extra Credit Presents: Marcellus Pittman & Rick Wilhite

Floyd Miami | 1/19/2020 4:00:00 AM

Music is a really precious thing. Two Detroit names, one hidden Miami room! Marcellus Pittman makes dance music out of the spaces in between. When other children were playing combat with G.I. Joe action figures in the early 80’s, Detroit native Marcellus “Malik” Pittman was playing his radio at maximum volume, listening to the sounds of “the Wizzard” and the “Electrifying Mojo”, in addition to the jazz outputs of Rosetta Hines. Rick ‘the Godson’ Wilhite has dedicated his life to the music industry; whatever one wishes to know about Wilhite is conveyed through his music. He will slap up sets of R & B, Hip-Hop, Techno and Reggae but his ‘mojo’ is House and Disco. A Detroit native, Rick learned at an early age that a career in music takes more than playing one’s favorite records. Multi-faceted crowd control, sound engineering and creative party promotion are what make him more than a Detroit DJ.

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